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Goal Getting 101: How to Keep Going Past January 1st

Goal setting is an important part of growing up and developing routines that can lead to  dipping our toes into what we hope to be life long habits, professions and passions. Every year more and more of us make goals and don’t end up revisiting those same goals past the first 2-3 moths of the new year. Over the years, I’ve…

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2013: The Year of The Exclusive Friendship

As I approach another year of possibility and inevitable challenges (whatever the year brings), I want to always try make sure I don’t repeat the same mistakes I’ve made in the past. When it comes to romantic relationships, here’s one truth that has held true time and time again in my life: there’s a huge difference between seeking God’s will…

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Everything I Learned in 2015

When I started 2016, I wanted to have a different narrative for my usual new years resolution so I decided to start a tradition of pinpointing the moments of growth, discovery and recovery that God brings me through each year. It’s my hope that over the years, I will look back to find an anthology of grace and healing that…